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Adoption can happen in a number of ways in Ohio. There are stepparent adoptions where a step parent seeks to become the legal parent of a child they are helping to raise. There are also private adoptions that occur as a transaction between birth parents and someone else who is willing to raise their child as their own. There are also agency adoptions where one or both parties to the transaction are working with an adoption agency. There are also adult adoptions, where an adult can be legally adopted by another adult. In any of these matters, quality legal representation is key in accomplishing your goals and protecting your interests. Adoption cases can be some of the most anxiety ridden transactions, for the reason that so much is at stake. The attorneys at Hoover Kaycon, LLC understand this and are committed to seeing you through these complicated issues. We have experience representing adoptive parents, as well as birth parents, and many of the members of our legal team are parents ourselves. We get it, from the legal perspective and the parenting perspective, and would be honored to help you through your own adoption proceeding.

Attorney Corinne Hoover Six heads the adoption practice of our firm. The Ohio State Bar Association has certified her as a Family Law Specialist, a distinction shared by only a handful of other local attorneys. Because of this advanced certification, along with extensive experience in the field and a close working relationship with local adoption agencies, Corinne is acutely prepared and qualified to serve as your adoption attorney. Contact our office at 330-922-4491 to schedule an initial consultation with Corinne to explore your adoption goals in detail.