Contract Drafting

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A well drafted contract is often the difference between getting paid and not getting paid. For others, it’s the difference between doing the work you were hired to do or getting roped into endless additional work for no additional money. These issues can make or break the bottom line of your company. The business attorneys at Hoover Kacyon can help.

Our contract attorneys strive to draft contracts that fit your specific legal and business needs. We can draft one-time deal contracts for large or small projects that will not be repeated. Or for other clients, we draft general contracts that they can use time and time again by merely changing the customer information and a few other terms on their own. Our business lawyers can also help with buy/sell contracts, prenuptial contracts, subscription agreements, service contracts, sales agreements, non-compete contracts, independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, settlement contracts, real estate contracts, land sale contracts, rental leases, and many more. Our attorneys can draft a contract to meet the needs of our clients.

Whatever your needs, it is always a good idea to deal in written contracts. The lawyers at Hoover Kacyon, LLC., are dedicated to supporting our clients. We deliver the highest quality legal representation from a team of professionals while also providing excellent customer service. Call us at 330-922-4491  or contact us online to make an appointment.