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What Does Child Support Really Mean?

Most frequently divorce is the precursor to a child custody case. However, there is no need for parents to be married when custody and support are issues. Only established paternity is sufficient to determine parental obligations. Both divorce and child-custody are complicated and emotionally-charged proceedings. In addition to determining legal and physical custody of the child(ren), there are financial matters to consider; and when money is added to the equation, the stress can be overwhelming.

The job of the family law attorney is to negotiate custody and support arrangements, either during litigation or through mediation and a written agreement. The issue of child support takes into consideration both parental incomes, child care expenses, health insurance, and other factors. Child support covers more than just the bare necessities. It covers a broad range of expenses including entertainment and extracurricular activity expenses. Both parents are expected to contribute to the financial support of their child(ren).

Typically, most child support orders are fairly simple and an income calculator can be used to determine support obligations. In more complex cases, an order can designate specific expenses (or percentages thereof) to be paid by one parent or “earmark” monies to cover certain expenses. As parental and life circumstances change, the child support agreement may need to be revisited and modified. Having adequate and experienced representation in these cases is paramount to a fair and agreeable outcome.

Due to the sensitive nature and complexities involved in custody and support proceedings, it is advisable to consult a family law attorney in any case. The input provided by an objective and experienced attorney will help ensure the best outcome for the child.

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