Experienced Lawyers in Family Law, Divorce, Adoption, Estate Planning, Probate, Criminal, Traffic, Bankruptcy, Business, Personal Injury, Civil and Education Law.

Our Attorneys practice in the Akron, Canton, Portage and Summit County, Ohio area.

Under the leadership of our partner attorneys, Attorney Corinne Hoover, Attorney Joseph Kacyon, and Attorney Tad Orval Hoover, the law firm of Hoover Kacyon, LLC is focused on the areas of life most important to you–family, business, asset protection and financial planning and education. Whether your family is at an unfortunate crossroads of a divorce, child custody or family law issue, or you need legal services for your business, or help dealing with a financial crisis or debt issues, we are committed to being your legal advocates, and your counselors in your time of need.

The quality of services provided by the lawyers at Hoover Kacyon, LLC will give you confidence that in whatever your legal situation, our attorneys will guide you and carry your burden, allowing you to focus on your day to day tasks of providing for your family and living your life to the fullest. We will handle your situation professionally and diligently as your attorneys, and offer you guidance as your counselors at law.

As a multi lawyer law firm, we provide unique attention to your case. Our client matters are handled with a team approach, meaning you just don’t hire a lawyer, you hire a team of legal professionals who will protect your interests. Unlike larger firms, you do not get lost or have your questions go unanswered because someone is too busy to return your call. Unlike single attorney firms, your matter will never be hurt because an attorney is sick or on vacation, someone will always be taking care of your case. Our team of attorneys and support staff ensure we are always available to you and provide undivided attention.

The law firm of Hoover Kacyon, LLC has one overarching goal — to fight for your cause, protect your interests, provide reasonable and prompt resolutions to your matter, and to do it all with professionalism and honor.

For most of us navigating the legal system is not something we are comfortable with. In fact, often times people need lawyers when they are dealing with a very difficult issue in their life and are anxious and unsure about where to turn. The Akron attorneys at Hoover Kacyon, LLC will take on your case, and the worry that goes with it, so you don’t have to be anxious. We offer assistance to our clients during the most difficult times in their lives, and we understand the enormous amount of trust you place in us. Our attorneys pledge to handle your case with compassion, clear communication and strong guidance.

The law firm of Hoover Kacyon, LLC is devoted to both litigation and settlement. We are confident in the courtroom but also encourage alternative dispute resolution such as negotiations and mediation. Our attorneys pride themselves on educating our clients on all of the legal options for resolution and are prepared to proceed with whatever course of action you choose.

Our Law Firm

The law firm of Hoover Kacyon, LLC was formed in 2016 with the goal of being a full service law firm, able to handle all of your legal needs at one firm.

Previously, the lawyers of our team were two firms; Attorneys Corinne Hoover and Tad Orval Hoover ran Hoover and Associates in Cuyahoga Falls and Attorney Joseph Kacyon operated Joseph Kacyon and Associates in the Portage Lakes area of Akron. Hoover Kacyon, LLC was developed as both respective practices had too demanding of a case load to continue to handle client needs without further growth and expansion, and also because we found ourselves needing to refer many clients to other firms for additional needs. Both practices practiced extensively in the area of family law, and often found themselves on different sides of the same case. Mutual respect for one another as competent, professional and ethical opponents, who at the same time fought hard and passionately for the interests of their different clients, lead to a merger of our teams into one firm.

With that merger, Hoover Kacyon, LLC was able to expand further to continue to meet the needs of our clients, both in our booming family law practice and in other practice areas where we found ourselves in increasing demand. Under the new firm of Hoover Kacyon, LLC we developed distinct practice groups, with every lawyer focusing on family law, but each also practicing in at least one other area, which allows us to diversify our practice areas for the benefits of our clients, but also to continue to work as a team to handle various client needs.

The focus of our law firm is simple: Our attorneys will represent our clients passionately, competently, and in accordance with the highest legal and professional standards. Our lawyers are client driven, meaning that our clients direct the course of their own cases based on their interests, as we serve as advisors, counselors, attorneys, and a compass to ensure client wishes and behavior meet the ethical and professional demands of the legal field.

Our attorneys are professionals first; we know well how to aggressively litigate cases, but we also are experienced in alternative means of resolving cases, such as settlement negotiations and mediations. We know when to fight, we know when to settle, but the most important thing is knowing the difference, based on a case by case analysis and the input and wishes of our clients.


Providing excellent legal services with the utmost importance placed on ethical and professional conduct.


The members of our legal team are highly trained and experienced. Each and every one of them is completely dedicated to your case.