Corinne Hoover
| Partner

Is the lead attorney of Hoover Kacyon, LLC’s Family Law Practice Group and is a Certified Specialist in Family Law and focuses her practice exclusively on family law issues, including divorce, child custody, adoption and appeals.

Corinne has been recognized as a National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and Top 40 under 40 and from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys 10 Best, and from the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys Top 10.

Corinne knew from a very young age that she was destined to be an attorney. The daughter of Judge Kim R. Hoover and the granddaughter of the late Attorney Orval R. Hoover, Corinne grew up in a family that excelled in the legal field and taught her the value of helping others through difficult legal issues. Now, Corinne has carried on that family tradition, along with her brother, Attorney Tad Orval Hoover, practicing in the same building that her father, grandfather and other extended family practiced before her.

As the mother of four young children, Corinne knows nothing is more important than family. Because of this, Corinne’s practice area focuses exclusively on family law, including divorce and dissolution, child custody, paternity, child support, adoption and other issues that affect families. While Corinne served in a number of legal capacities outside the realm of family law in the past, such as serving as a magistrate and prosecutor and representing the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, her passion for family law matters caused her to focus her caseload on what matters most to her personally.

Corinne’s passion is protecting families in adoption matters and other matters regarding the termination of parental rights. Her most crucial cases involve adoption matters, including contested adoptions, adoption appeals, representing clients in situations where fraud or wrongful adoptions have occurred and often times, opposing public children service agencies in their attempts to terminate parental rights in juvenile courts. Corinne believes adamantly in the constitutional rights of natural parents to raise their children and will restlessly defend clients when their rights to parent their children are trampled upon. On the other hand, however, Corinne also sees firsthand many situations where a child’s best interests cannot be met by a relationship with that natural parent. In representing clients on either side of contested matters like this, Corinne cannot help but be “all in” for her clients.  What sets Corinne apart from others is that she will fight for her client’s children just like she would fight for her own and is not afraid of messy cases.

Outside of just adoption law matters, Corinne is an experienced family law litigator in domestic relations courts and related matters. Corinne spends almost all of her work week in a courtroom, frequently representing clients in high conflict and complex family law matters, including high asset divorce matters, complex division of property cases, complicated custody matters and developing new issues of the law including surrogacy, and same sex parenting. As a Certified Family Law Specialist, Corinne also regularly appears in courts of appeal, advocating for new developments in the ever-changing family law arena.

What sets Corinne apart from her colleagues in the family law field is her hybrid of experience in both adoption law and other family law matters. For whatever reason, most lawyers who practice in domestic relations or juvenile court do not practice adoptions, which are heard in probate court. For the same reason, a lot of probate law attorneys say they practice probate law in general but do not do adoption matters. Practically speaking, these areas of law intersect and clients are best served with a lawyer who understands how one area of law affects the other. For example, perhaps a mother is fighting her ex-husband in domestic relations court over visitation and child support and is remarried and wishes for her new husband to adopt the child. A purely domestic relations lawyer may very well be able to assist with matters of visitation and support but not know how their actions in domestic relations court could ultimately affect the success of an adoption case later. It is for this reason that Corinne is regularly consulted as a family law specialist, not just by clients but often times by other lawyers who acknowledge a hybrid approach can be of huge benefit to a case. Corinne is also a regular lecturer and instructor on Continuing Legal Education courses to other lawyers and judges dealing most often with the intersections of family law and adoption cases based on her experience in the fields.

Aside from complex litigation and messy family law cases, Corinne is also a firm believer in settlement and alternative dispute resolution when it serves her clients. Some clients express that they cannot afford to have a lengthy legal battle. Other clients say that emotionally or mentally they or their children cannot handle a contested case. With prior extensive experience as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in both domestic relations and juvenile court, Corinne understands that sometime the most important role a lawyer can fill is assistance with reaching a fair settlement or compromise. In addition to her litigation-centered practice, Corinne is also a certified divorce and family law mediator.

Corinne is an active member of the Akron Bar Association and a member of the Family Law Section, an Akron Bar Foundation Fellow and a Member of Board of Directors of the Akron Bar Foundation, the charitable wing of the Akron Bar Association. In addition, Corinne is also a Fellow of the Ohio Bar Association. Outside of her duties as a lawyer, Corinne serves as an active member of her church, as CEO of her household, and is the biggest fan to her four children in their academic, religious and extracurricular pursuits.

Corinne Hoover has earned her place as a proud member of  the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the highest-quality organization of professional family lawyers.


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