Contract Litigation

Commercial and Corporate Law

At Hoover Kacyon, LLC., one of our main practice areas is complex business litigation and commercial law. Attorney Joseph Kacyon not only has an MBA, but also legal experience and business knowledge to produce the best results for our clients. As a multilawyer law firm, we provide unique attention to your case. Our client matters are handled with a team approach, meaning you just don’t hire a lawyer, you hire a team of professionals who will protect your interests. Unlike larger firms, you do not get lost or have your questions go unanswered because someone is too busy to return your call. Our team of attorneys and support staff ensure we are always available to you and provide undivided attention. We are able to ensure that each client receives personal attention, sophisticated representation and value from our services.

It is best to contact Hoover Kacyon, LLC., for an initial consultation to determine if it is necessary to take the appropriate next steps. In most cases, the corporate attorneys at Hoover Kacyon will be able to quickly determine if a legal remedy is appropriate so our clients are not unnecessarily wasting time, energy and resources. Depending on the facts of your case, our Akron area commercial litigation attorneys may be able to assist you in your commercial matter. In some cases, you may also be able to recover reasonable costs and attorney’s fees associated with your case. Please, call our office or use our contact form to schedule an initial consultation.