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Child Custody

No legal issue can be more complicated and emotionally-charged than a child-custody case. Most frequently divorce is the precursor to a child custody case. However, there are other instances where the custody of a child needs to be determined, such as establishing custody between two never-married parents, a deployed military parent, a move, illness, or death of the custodial parent. Due to the complicated nature of child custody proceedings, hiring an experienced attorney is vital to ensuring an outcome that is, first and foremost, in the best interest of the child and secondly, the other parties involved. 

There are two different types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to decisions pertaining to the child such as healthcare, education, and religion of a child. Physical custody refers to the actual presence of the child and their well-being at that particular time. There are numerous potential combinations of legal and physical custody, and additional orders, such as split and temporary orders, that can further complicate matters of custody. 

The primary job of the child-custody attorney is to negotiate custody arrangements, either during litigation or through mediation and a written agreement. A child-custody attorney facilitates visitation arrangements, ensures the parental and agreed upon rights are being observed and provides measures necessary for the safety of the child. In the event of a voluntary transfer of custody, a child custody attorney can prepare an agreement or compose instructions on the custody and care of the child, including directives regarding education and health/medical services. 

When multiple jurisdictions are involved, child custody proceedings become even more difficult. This is especially true when multiple countries are involved. International custody cases are exceptionally complex and complicated. International family law often involves agencies such as Central Authority and federal courts. Having adequate and experienced representation in these cases is paramount to an agreeable outcome. Due to the sensitive nature and complexities involved in custody proceedings, it is advisable to consult a child custody attorney in any case. The input provided by an objective and experienced attorney will help ensure the best outcome for the child. 

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