Civil Litigation Lawyers

Serving Akron, Canton and Summit County, Ohio.

The attorneys of Hoover Kacyon, LLC have extensive experience in litigating civil cases throughout the State of Ohio. Attorney Hoover has represented the State of Ohio and its various agencies across the great State of Ohio, including as counsel to the Ohio Department of Taxation, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and other administrative agencies. Further, our firm handles all complex civil litigation matters under a team approach, meaning you just don’t have a lawyer, you have a team of attorneys dedicated to protecting your interests.


When you need to sue someone, the attorneys at Hoover Kacyon, LLC bring a unique perspective to civil litigation and that is to pursue only the cases that have a high probability of yielding success. We pride ourselves on doing a thorough evaluation of your case before a lawsuit is filed.

We firmly believe that a law suit should only be filed if it is based on clear law and facts alike so your resources are not wasted on attorneys fees and the expenses of litigation, but are put to good use for the things you consider most important.

Often times clients want to sue another to feel justified from a wrong they have suffered but often it is only after a high cost lawsuit that they begin to ask, “when will I actually collect on the money due to me?” We here at Hoover Kacyon, LLC are your collection attorneys. That means, our focus is not just on running to the court house but on actually collecting money for you.

Akron Attorney Hoover has a unique understanding of how to best collect against the one you are suing. Having served as Special Counsel to the Ohio Attorney General, Attorney Hoover was responsible for collecting money due to the State of Ohio in various courts across the state. It is with that experience, knowledge and skill that Hoover Kacyon will approach the collection of your money as well. Whether it be through wage garnishment, bank attachment, attachment of personal property, or even foreclosing on real estate, we will do whatever we can within the confines of law to help you collect on the money you are due, so that you have the resources you need to be best provide for your family.

Have you been served with a lawsuit, or is someone trying to collect money from you by garnishing your wages or taking money from your bank account?

If you’re being sued, you need to immediately consult an attorney. Often times defendants in civil cases are unaware that they have a very narrow window in which to file an answer, or response, in a lawsuit. For this reason, it is essential that you speak with an attorney who can advise you as to your next steps and your legal remedies.

Akron Civil Litigation Attorneys Hoover Kacyon, LLC understand that cases, and deadlines like these, need our utmost attention and we approach your case from every angle possible. Perhaps you have a counterclaim against the person suing you. Perhaps you could avoid court altogether by working out a settlement with the plaintiff that would be fair to you both. Perhaps you could mediate the dispute so that neither side has to spend more money than necessary to resolve the matter. Or perhaps the matter is worth taking to trial.

Hoover Kacyon, LLC can help you to evaluate your case from all of these different angles. We pride ourselves on making all of the options available to our clients and then pledge to zealously represent you and protect your rights in which ever course of action you choose.

Landlord tenant law is a specific area of civil litigation that deals with the breach of a lease agreement and an eviction based on that breach. Hoover Kacyon, LLC is uniquely qualified to represent you in this type of action because we understand what it’s like to be a landlord. Attorney Hoover not only has regular experience in this area of the law as a lawyer but also has experience as a property manager for her family’s property management business. It is from this unique perspective that Hoover Kacyon, LLC approaches your case– we not only get the law, but we understand the hassle these types of matters can create and we strive to handle these matter expeditiously and with the least expense possible to everyone involved.

Interested in drafting new lease agreements so as to make the losing party pay the other party’s attorney fees? We can do that too. Contact us for a free initial consultation on your landlord tenant matter to explore a new way of handling these business transactions.

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