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Do I Need a Lawyer If I Have Been Robbed?

According to Neighborhood Scout, over 8,500 robberies were reported in the state of Ohio in 2020. As a victim, you may be experiencing the full gamut of emotions. You may be confused by all the phone calls and interviews and interactions during an investigation. You may not fully understand your rights and all of the legal terminology being thrown at you. If you feel you are not receiving adequate communication and representation it may be time to contact an attorney.

When a person has been a victim of a crime, such as a robbery, the prosecuting/district attorney’s office in that jurisdiction handles the prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator. A victim coordinator generally acts as a liaison between the victim and the prosecutor. They will prepare a victim impact statement as well as submit requests for any damages the victim is seeking as a result of the crime. However, there may be times when the victim might benefit from hiring their own attorney to represent them during proceedings.
If an injury resulted during the crime and a personal injury lawsuit is conceivable. An attorney can provide guidance and advice regarding your responses during criminal proceedings that could impact any future civil proceedings.

Being a victim of any crime can be traumatic and stressful. Having representation can help simplify complicated and sometimes confusing proceedings and ensure you have someone competent and knowledgeable fighting for you and ensuring your rights are being protected.
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