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Child custody cases can be the most contentious and stressful cases in our entire legal system and that’s because there is nothing more important to fight for. Perhaps you are a parent that needs to protect your child from an abuser. Perhaps you’re a third party, such as a grandparent, that cannot sit back and allow your little ones to be neglected. Perhaps you’re worried that your children will be put in the middle of a nasty divorce. Perhaps a Guardian Ad Litem has been appointed on your case and you’re unsure what that means for you and your family. Perhaps you’re concerned another person is interested in limiting or eliminating your parental rights. Perhaps you’re a member of the military or need to move and wonder where that will leave your parental rights.

Helping Protect Your Children

If you are in the unfortunate position of needing to fight for the custody of the children most important to you, our Akron child custody lawyers are here to help and we can offer you the guidance you are looking for. You don’t have to worry about what to expect in a hearing or trial — we will prepare you each step of the way. You worry about how to best love your little ones and we’ll worry about how to protect your interests in court.

Child Custody Dispute Resolution & Mediation Services

Sometimes, clients come to us because they don’t want to have a fight over the custody of their children but need help in learning how to co-parent with someone they will no longer be married to, or reside with. Perhaps your spouse is an okay parent but you are a better one and you want your kids with you so you can give them the attention they need. Perhaps your child has special needs that you understand more than your spouse. Perhaps you want your children to have as much time possible with both parents without disrupting their day to day routine going between two homes. Or, perhaps you’ve already been divorced for years but now need to restructure the parenting plan you had in place because something in your lives has changed. Hoover Kacyon, LLC can assist you with all of these issues. We are competent in the court room but also know that a heated court battle is not for everyone. We will spend time getting to know the facts of your case so that we can help you explore the many different options that may work for your family. Hoover Kacyon, LLC will be there for you as your lawyers, so you can be there for your children as their parent.

We at Hoover Kacyon, LLC offer the following alternatives to child custody litigation:

– Court Led Mediation
– Family and Divorce Mediation Services
– Collaborative Law Approaches
– Attorney Led Settlement Conferences
– Client Led Settlement Options
– Therapy Led Settlement

Hoover Kacyon, LLC. is uniquely qualified to serve as your child custody representative.

– Familiarity with both domestic relation and juvenile courts
– Extensive experiences as advocates for children (Guardian Ad Litems)
– Broad hearing and trial experience
– Certified Family and Divorce Mediator
– Regular working relationship with court personnel, social workers, guardian ad litems, mental health agencies and schools
– Frequent providers of lecture and training on child custody topics
– Past service on the Board of Directors, Ohio CASA (court appointed special advocates for children)

Hoover Kacyon, LLC offers many resolutions to your family law issues. These options range from litigation to mediation, with many options in between. Our family law attorneys are well versed and practiced in the courtroom but likewise provide many options for out of court resolution as well. Which option is best for your case depends on most importantly, your wishes, and the particulars of your case and circumstances.

Hoover Kacyon offers free thirty (30) minute consultations on all family law issues. Please contact our Akron child custody attorneys at 330-922-4491 or through our contact form today to schedule your appointment.