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When two parents are splitting up, there is a lot to consider when figuring out how you will raise your child moving forward. First, there is the issue of custody, where the parties will need to agree, or the court will need to decide, whether one parent over the other should have custody, or whether he parties should have shared parenting (a joint custody arrangement). Also related to this is the issue of which parent’s school district will be the school district of the child, or alternatively, which private school the children will attend. After it is determined who will have what custodial rights and/or school placement of the child, the next step is determining the parenting time each parent will have, meaning which parent will have the children for what specific periods of time. This can include normal routine weekly time as well as holidays and days of special meaning, and additional time the children are not in school, such as summer break.

There are also a number of financial matters to consider. The most important is the issue of child support, which takes into account the income of both parents, the child care expenses, the costs of providing health insurance to the children, and several other important factors. Other important issues you will need to consider is who will provide for the child’s extracurricular expenses and out of pocket medical expenses, school fees and clothing, and who will claim the children on income tax returns.

Issues of child custody, visitation and child support are not simple, and this is why these matters should be dealt with only under the guidance of experienced and competent family law attorneys. After meeting with one of the attorneys of Hoover Kaycon, LLC we can advise you and guide you in dealing with these matters most important to you. At Hoover Kacyon LLC, our attorneys are both legal advocates, and parents ourselves, and we understand how truly important these issues are to you and your children.