Emergency Services and Protection Orders

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Hoover Kacyon, LLC understands that sometimes your circumstances require immediate attention. We have extensive history in working with clients in an expedited manner in order to ensure a prompt and safe resolution to the case. Sometimes it is necessary to file a civil protection order, or CPO, immediately upon starting our representation.

A CPO is a civil, not criminal, proceeding in which one person (the petitioner) is claiming that the other person (the respondent) has or is going to commit an act of violence against the petitioner. The petitioner must be a family or household member of the respondent in order to get a domestic CPO. The petitioner has the burden to prove that the respondent has or is a danger to commit the violence. Generally speaking, the petitioner gets a temporary CPO first, by going to the court without the respondent present. Then the case will be set for a full hearing in order to determine whether the CPO should stand and be made permanent. It is crucial for all parties to attend this second hearing and to be represented by counsel.

Our lawyers have represented both petitioners and respondents in CPO proceedings. If you feel you need a CPO, or if you have been served with a CPO, please call us right away. Protection order cases move very quickly, and we will need to discuss the case as soon as possible in order to protect your interests.

When the parties are not family or household members, there is a different kind of protection order available. It is called a civil stalking protection order. Instead of proving the likelihood of domestic violence, this order regards unrelated people who are threatening or violent toward the petitioner and often over a sustained period of time.

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