Father’s Rights

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Under Ohio law, if a man has a child out of an unmarried relationship, then that Father is at an inherit disadvantage when exploring his legal rights to that child, for the sole reason that a Father must establish legal paternity first in order to be given any custodial rights or parenting time with their child. More often that not, we find that our clients have little to no knowledge of this when they first walk into our office. Many times, fathers are of the mistaken impression that because they pay child support or have been active in their child’s life previously that a court case is not necessary for them to secure their legal rights to their child. If this is your case, at our first very consultation we will explain and inform you of the detailed laws on this subject and give you sound, specific advice on how to best secure your parental rights to your child.

Even if you have a child from a marital relationship and do not need to assert a paternity action first, you may be concerned that your rights to your child will be limited if you go through a divorce action. You may have heard from others that mothers are the preferred custodians of children or that you will be limited to only an every other weekend relationship with your children. The attorneys of Hoover Kacyon, LLC are committed to helping fathers secure the same rights to rear their children as mothers, as long as such is in the best interests of the children, and we will discuss this and advise clients on how to accomplish this goal from the very onset of our representation.

The attorneys of Hoover Kacyon, LLC understand how important it is for children to have positive influences from both mothers and fathers and we will diligently represent our clients to that end. Contact us to learn more about fathers’ rights and securing your position in your child’s future. Please call our office at 330-922-4491 for an initial consultation.