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In Ohio, when a child is born from a relationship of two unmarried people, the mother is the sole custodian of the child until or unless a court makes a different determination. For a mother, this may be comforting to learn at first but worrisome when the father of the child files an action for his paternal rights. For a father, it is disheartening to learn that you do not have rights to the child you love so much until you begin the daunting task of initiating a court case. For both parents, the first step in addressing this important matter is to establish the legal paternoty of the child in a court of law. Regardless of what side you are on, the lawyers at Hoover Kaycon, LLC are experienced and devoted to helping both parents play an active role in a child’s life, as long as that is what is best for the child.

Paternity actions and cases for paternal rights can be heard in either a Domestic Relations Court, Juvenile Court or Family Court, depending on what county has jurisdiction over your case. Which court will hear your case will determine the procedures for your case. The attorneys at Hoover Kacyon, LLC have experience in all of these courts and can advise you and prepare you for the likely procedure and course of action as you move forward.