Prenuptial Agreements

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Often times people get engage and start the process of entering into marriage with a lot of joy. There is happiness in finding the person you intent to be with forever. There is the excitement of wedding planning and the getting to know one another’s family. But, it is not to be forgotten that marriage is a really important legal transaction as well and one that could very well jeopardize your financial responsibilities in the event of a divorce. Often times in today’s culture people enter into marriage later in life, after establishing themselves professionally and achieving financial success. Or, sometimes you enter marriage with a spouse after already having children from a prior relationship, who will always be your first priority. For this reason, it may be advisable to enter into a prenuptial agreement to protect yourself in the event that things do not work out as planned.

The lawyers at Hoover Kaycon, LLC understand the extremely sensitive nature of considering a prenuptial agreement, and that it’s not a fun topic to consider with your soon to be spouse. We also understand, however, that it may be the best idea legally speaking. Our team of legal professionals will handle this matter with you delicately, advising you on your rights and the advisability of entering into a prenuptial agreement, and also the best way to go about this transaction so it is easy and will not overshadow the joyous occasion you are about to undertake.