Probate and Estate Planning Lawyers

Serving Akron, Canton, Summit County, Portage and Medina, Ohio.

As lead attorney of our Probate Practice Group, attorney Joseph A. Kacyon has been helping families administer the estates of clients and their loved ones in both Ohio and Pennsylvania.

At Hoover and Kacyon, LLC our attorneys are committed to providing a comprehensive and precise estate plan focused on each client’s individual needs and desires. We strive to provide the best estate planning practices that arrange a client’s assets, both before and after death, in the best way to maximize the client’s or family’s objectives. We do this by not only considering a variety of elements, but by also providing minimizing a client’s tax liability. Probate law and estate planning is highly individualized and there are a wide range of options and scenarios based on a client’s assets and financial goals.


The main Probate and Estate Planning practice areas at Hoover Kacyon are:

Our estate planning process will involve careful review and analysis of a client’s assets, resources, and financial goals in addition to a number of state and federal tax laws that may affect a client’s specific circumstances. It is important to discuss your specific situation with our Akron probate attorneys. Please call 330-922-4491 to schedule an initial consultation or by filling out our contact form.