It is important to take time during your life to plan for what’s to come. As estate planning attorneys, our job is make sure that your wishes are carried out after your death. We can help you plan out what you want to happen with your property and even your remains after you die. In order to make sure that your property is left as you would want, we utilize several planning tools. When you’re ready to start planning your estate, call us at 330-922-4491 or contact us online to set up a free initial consultation.


Everyone knows they should have a Will, and yet many of us put it off. A Will is your written instructions after you pass away as to what you want to happen to your property. Without a will, the state provides default rules for what we will do with your belongings. In order to make sure that your wishes are fulfilled, it’s important to have an up to date will. When thinking about your Will, you should consider who you want to get your property, who will be your executor, and if there are any specific items of property that should go to any specific person.


A trust is a contract between a trustee and the grantor. The grantor gives his or her property to the trustee and gives the trustee instructions on what to do with that property. Trusts have a variety of forms. The most common trusts allow us to avoid probate, and distribute property more quickly and efficiently than via a Will alone. Trusts also allow for greater control over what happens to our property after we are gone. Trusts are useful in blended family situations as well, because the trust can ensure that the stepparent cannot simply cut out our children after we are gone.

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