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Ten Things to Know About a Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is never easy. You may have many preconceived notions about what happens during a divorce or have ideas about expectations. Before you begin looking it up online or asking for advice, it is best to consult with an attorney. Talking with a legal advisor will help you have a clear understanding of what to expect. The following is advice to help guide you through the divorce process.

  • “Winning” the divorce. Divorce should not be a competition against your spouse. Divorces, no matter how civil, have lasting emotional impacts on adults, but especially children. There are no real “winners” in a divorce.
  • Consider every decision carefully. Divorces by nature are very emotional, and it’s easy to get swept away by those emotions if you aren’t careful. Decisions based on emotions are rarely ever good ones. Be sure you think about every decision you make carefully. Talk to your attorney about the best way to approach a decision before you make a decision you may later regret.
  • Think about your children. You and your spouse are getting a divorce, but your children are not. Be mindful of the way you speak about your spouse in front of your children. Ensure they are emotionally cared for during this difficult and confusing time. It is important not to use them as middlemen, or bargaining tools, during proceedings.
  • Don’t take advice from friends and family. Every divorce situation is different. People tend to narrate their own experiences in a way that paints them in a better light than might have been the actual case. You should always consult with your attorney when making a legal decision.
  • Forget the past and move towards the future. Past events can’t be changed, so there is no reason to dwell on them and keep you from moving forward. It is important to move past whoever might be at fault to prevent any anger involved, especially with children. Try to have an open mind that you will comprise for your children.
  • A courtroom is not a fun place to be. Heading to an actual courtroom is intimidating, time draining, expensive, and intrusive. If you can compromise and negotiate with your spouse, this can save a lot of frustration and money. However, sometimes it might not seem feasible, which is why having an attorney is critical.
  • You don’t HAVE to go to court. While it may not work out in the end, at least attempting to work through your divorce collaboratively with your spouse may save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. It is possible to have a dissolution.
  • Be honest. Don’t try to make yourself out to be better than your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Dishonesty can be detrimental to your case and likely cause more harm than simply being upfront and honest about things.
  • Make Lists and Copies. Make a detailed list of all of your property and assets, including furniture, bank accounts, mortgages, car, and much more. Make sure to have copies of important documents. Having all of these things together and organized will help move proceedings more smoothly and quickly.
  • Be reasonable. If you want to keep your divorce from being a long-drawn-out process, be reasonable in your expectations and know that you will have to make compromises. Being uncooperative and difficult during negotiations is not going to be productive. It will only make the entire process more complicated and frustrating for everyone involved.

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