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Top 5 Causes for Car Accidents

Chances are, if you haven’t already been in a car accident, you will be. A report by Esurance found that 77% of drivers have been in at least one accident. In Ohio, in 2020, there were 246,295 accidents involving vehicles. Of those, 1,165 resulted in fatalities, and another 38,421 involved other severe or minor injuries.


    It’s not uncommon these days to read a news headline about an accident resulting from texting and driving. Distracted driving has become the number one cause of accidents. It’s not just texting; distracted driving is anything that removes your focus from the road. Attempting to soothe the crying baby in the back, changing the radio station, picking up a dropped item, any number of things can take our attention from the road. Which, in turn, increases the chances we will be in an accident.
    Some might find speeding exhilarating or just be in a hurry, but the fact is, speeding causes almost two-thirds of all car accidents. Speeding reduces driver reaction time and increases the likelihood of an accident. Additionally, the higher the speed, the more severe the damage.
    Driving impaired is never a good idea. Even two drinks can affect your reaction time and ability to drive. Drinking and drugs impair vision, judgment, and reaction time. The penalties are harsher for accidents resulting from impaired driving as well.
    Poor weather can make for dangerous driving conditions. It is crucial to be extra cautious and slow down when driving in less than ideal conditions.
    You should always obey traffic signs and signals. Lots of time and money goes into traffic safety studies. Those signs and signals are there for everyone’s safety.

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