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What is Considered Harassment?

Harassment is any behavior towards an individual (or group of people) that makes a reasonable person feel uncomfortable, humiliated, or otherwise mentally distressed. Harassment can be physical or verbal and does not need to be overt. It can be suggested or implied. Typically a single isolated incident is not considered harassment.

There are seven common types of harassment:

  1. Domestic violence occurs within a domestic setting such as a residence and generally between related or cohabitating persons.
  2. Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse often happens in a situation in which a caregiver is responsible for the wellbeing of an elderly person or another person who requires assistance.
  3. Workplace violence/harassment occurs in a professional or workplace setting between coworkers or colleagues.
  4. Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual advances or comments.
  5. Civil harassment includes acts where the perpetrator and victim don’t have a close established relationship. Civil harassment often involves threats of violence.
  6. Criminal harassment is similar to civil harassment but includes threats to certain groups with protected rights, such as LGBTQIA+ groups or religious groups. Hate crimes often fall under criminal harassment.
  7. Cyberbullying/cyberstalking involves the use of electronic communications such as email or social media to terrorize or otherwise intimidate an individual.

From a legal standpoint, two things are typically taken into account when reviewing a harassment lawsuit:

  1. The accuser’s behavior and intention.
  2. The repetition and severity of the accuser’s actions.

Harassment can often be difficult to detect or identify. Sometimes an individual may not even realize they are engaging in harassing behavior. Education and training play an important part in preventing harassment.

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