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What should I do if my ex-spouse isn’t following our parenting agreement?

It is an unfortunate reality that adults can have a hard time setting aside their personal differences and hurt feelings in the better interest of their children. Parenting is difficult under the best circumstances, having a bitter relationship with a co-parent can compound those difficulties. Parenting disputes can lead to power struggles the consequences of which can leave lasting and damaging effects.

Some examples of non-compliance with a parenting plan include:

  1. Denying or failing to keep visitation times and terms
  2. Talking badly about you with or in front of the child(ren)
  3. Failure to attend required counseling sessions

Issues regarding a parenting plan can be even more complicated if substance abuse or other mental health issues are involved. If you have an amicable relationship with your ex, it may be that an honest and open conversation can correct the situation or misunderstanding without the need to go through proceedings.

If you are not on agreeable terms with your ex or are concerned about how broaching the subject may be received, communication can be facilitated through your attorney. Some courts may even offer dispute resolution as a free or low-cost option.

As a last resort, a contempt filing may be filed which will require the other party to appear before a judge to answer for the violations. Additionally, you should document each time the parenting plan is violated including dates and details.

If you have a co-parent not following your agreed-upon plan, chances are you are already frustrated, trying to tackle legal issues with heated bias is unlikely to produce a positive result. Child custody and parenting agreements are complicated matters with stakes too high to risk. Simply answered, if you have a co-parent who is not following your agreement, you should talk to an attorney, ideally the one who helped draft the initial parenting plan. Your attorney will be able to advise you as to the best course of action to achieve the most favorable outcome for everyone involved.

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