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What Should You Include in a Prenup?

While a prenup may not be the most romantic topic of discussion, a marriage is a legal contract between two people; and it is important to be sure you are protected when you enter into any legally binding agreement. A prenup should be viewed in the same light as a will or any other asset planning tool, in that it is simply a way to help plan for your financial future. 

Once we move past our preconceived ideas about what a prenuptial agreement is or represents, we can objectively consider what it should address. Some things you may want to be sure to address in a prenuptial agreement include: 

  • Premarital assets and debts: Assets and debts that each individual acquired prior to entering into marriage. These acquisitions might include vehicles or other property and debt such as credit cards or student loans. 
  • Children from a previous relationship: You may want to be sure there is a plan laid out for how to provide for those children or how to convey any inheritances if you and your current spouse are no longer married. 
  • Marital assets and debts: This is important especially if you intend to incur certain assets or debts but keep them separately. 
  • Marital responsibilities: These are not things such as chores, but the expectations from each other from a financial standpoint. 
  • Career Life: You can describe what the expectations are with regard to work and income in addition to the expectations if certain scenarios arise during the course of your marriage. 
  • Family property: Make sure to address items such as heirlooms should, especially if the assumption is that the other party will return any family property upon disillusionment of the marriage. 
  • Property division in the event of a divorce: This part of the agreement is essential, especially if there is a business involved. 

It is important to discuss a premarital agreement as a way to protect both parties. Once a marriage has entered into a separation or divorce phase, emotions are elevated, and often times it is difficult to view things objectively. Hashing out the details of a prenup before finding yourself in the midst of an emotional swamp could save many headaches and frustrations in the long run. 

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