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Why do I need to hire a business lawyer? 

If you own or are starting your own business, you may wonder if hiring a business lawyer is worth the cost? Almost inevitably your business will be engaged in some form of litigation during its lifetime. Litigation is expensive and one lawsuit can bankrupt a small business. Many business owners don’t consult an attorney until they are faced with an important legal dilemma, but consulting a business lawyer today may save you money and legal woes tomorrow.

Certainly, there are many tasks and documents a business owner can undertake on their own using the extensive online resources available. With a little extra research, a smart and savvy business owner can even tackle some of the more complicated matters. But even savvy business owners have their limits, and that’s when you should consider talking to a business attorney.

Aside from seeking representation for current or potential lawsuits, seeking legal counsel from an experienced business lawyer can provide you peace of mind that your business is safeguarded from preventable future damage.

You may consider consulting an attorney for:

  • Determining your business structure when first forming your business to help you decide which​ structure is best for your business for tax liabilities, set up costs, and other factors to consider when setting up your business.
  • Preventing future lawsuits by ensuring your business complies with state and federal business​ and employment laws.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements. Contractual language can often be full of​ legal verbiage that you might find confusing.  It is important to be sure that any contract you enter into is clear and that you fully understand your obligations and liabilities as well as the obligations and liabilities of the other parties involved. This would include agreements for the sale or acquisition of any assets or real estate.
  • Protecting intellectual property to ensure your business ideas and the integrity of your brand​

Even if you don’t feel that you need an attorney to represent your business right now, it’s good to know one before you need one. It is important to choose an attorney that you trust and feel comfortable with and who is responsive to your needs.

If you believe you need to talk to an attorney regarding the setup of a business, business litigation, contract formation or litigation, or any other commercial or corporate law needs, contact our office at 330-922-4491 or through our contact page to schedule an initial consultation.