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Why Would Someone Need a Cease and Desist?

A cease and desist letter is typically written to prevent damage or harm to one party by another. It is not a legal document and can usually be written without an attorney. Rather, it is simply a request to ask the other party to stop their harmful actions and outlines further consequences if they do not. Often those consequences include the threat of a lawsuit.

Cease and desist letters can be helpful for a number of reasons but the most common include:

  • Infringement of intellectual property: This can be copyright, trademark, or
  • Debt collections: If a person is getting excessive phone calls from a debt collector, a cease and desist letter can help stop them from harassing However, this does not mean the person no longer owes the debt.
  • Slander and libel: Both slander and libel are causes of defamation. Slander is verbal or oral defamation, whereas libel is Both may cause harm to a person or a person’s business, especially when the statements made are untrue. A cease and desist letter may not only stop someone from continuing their actions but they can also be asked to retract or take back what was already said/written.
  • Harassment: Most likely, if someone is being harassed, a better course of action is to request a restraining order, especially if the harasser is likely to become violent. However, if physical harm or other retaliation is not a concern, a cease and desist letter may be an effective way to get them to stop their harassment.

A cease and desist letter is a useful tool as a first step action that can stop someone from causing damage to you or your business. If the party continues its activities, a cease and desist letter becomes an important document in your legal proceedings. It shows the court that you attempted to resolve the issue before seeking legal recourse.

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